Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Bulletin: Frank Sterling: Rochester, New York: He will receive an $8.6 million dollar settlement after being imprisoned for a murder he ded not commit. Previous post of this blog notes that his requests for DNA testing were denied one after the other - and the courts' relied on a false confession after a twelve hour interrogation, of which only 20 minutes were recorded. Democrat and Chronicle.

STORY: "Frank Sterling to get $8.6M settlement, by reporter Gary Craig, published by the Democrat and Chronicle  on May 14, 2014. (Thanks for the Medill Justice Project for bringing this story to our attention. HL);

SUB-HEADING: "Imprisoned for 19 years for a murder he didn't commit, Frank Sterling will receive a settlement of $8.625 million from Monroe County and the city of Rochester."

GIST: "Sterling was convicted in 1992 in the killing four years earlier of Viola Manville, a 74-year-old Hilton woman. In 1991, he confessed to Monroe County deputies in what was later proved to be a wrongful admission.........Sterling sued Monroe County because of the Sheriff's Office investigation that led to his wrongful arrest. City police also played a role in the arrest, prompting allegations against them also. Nick Brustin, a New York City attorney involved in Sterling's litigation, said the settlement was one of the largest he has seen outside of a major urban area. "To their credit the county recognized there was a terrible miscarriage of justice," he said. The evidence of misconduct that led to a false confession was ample, Brustin said."

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"Ultimately, despite these court rulings,  (denying DNA testing) testing was done and Mr. Sterling's innocence was established. The courts' reliance on a false confession after a twelve hour interrogation, of which only 20 minutes were recorded, led to the repeated affirmance of a wrongful conviction. As a result, Mr. Sterling was in prison for 18 years for murder he did not commit."



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