Monday, May 4, 2015

Bulletin: New York; Pedro Hernandez: jury in Etan Patz murder trial resumes deliberations; (Has been deliberating since April 15); Defence alleges false confessions - and points to the convicted pedophile they say may be the real killer. (TWC);

The jury in the Etan Patz murder trial resumes deliberations later this morning.
Last week, the jury heard readbacks from both sides. The jury gave the judge a note saying they were deadlocked but the judge told them to keep deliberating.
The panel is still working to determine the fate of Pedro Hernandez who confessed multiple times to killing the six-year-old in 1979. Prosecutors say Hernandez provided corroborating evidence and details about the case that only he would know if he was guilty. Hernandez's defense attorneys say he is mentally ill and made up the confessions. They also suggested that convicted pedophile Jose Ramos may be the real killer.