Saturday, October 17, 2015

Bulletin: Albert and Ashley Debelbot; Georgia; Ledger-Inquirer reports testimony of a retired pediatrician who reiterated earlier testimony that newborn Mckenzy Debelbot died of skull fractures and bleeding that could not have resulted from a problematic birth.

 "Dr. Joseph Zanga, retired Midtown Medical Center chief of pediatrics, testified in a new-trial hearing for Mckenzy’s parents, Albert and Ashley Debelbot, who were convicted of murder and sentenced to life in prison on Oct. 29, 2009. The Debelbots’ attorneys maintain the jury might have reached a different verdict had they heard expert testimony regarding health issues the baby had from birth, instead of hearing only that the infant’s death resulted from abusive head trauma. Defense attorneys called no expert medical witnesses during the couple’s trial. Zanga’s testimony Friday echoed much of what pediatric radiologist and neuroradiologist Dr. Susan Palasis told Muscogee Superior Court Judge Art Smith III during her testimony Thursday: That the injuries resulting in McKenzy’s death were not present when the mother and child were discharged from Fort Benning’s Martin Army Hospital on May 31, 2008.... The Debelbots had two days of hearings in mid-July, and the court tentatively set aside Nov. 5 and 6 to continue the testimony, after which Smith is to decide whether the two deserve a new trial."