Friday, October 2, 2015

Bulletin: Ragesh and Nupur Talwar; Talvar, a movie centered on a notorious, shameful, disgraceful, brazen wrongful conviction - so cruel and unfair to the grieving Talwars) opens in India today; October 2, 2015 which happens to be 'Wrongful Conviction Day'. The Times of India calls 'Talvar,' "The film that will shake your beliefs."

Publisher's Note: A brilliant approach: The Times of India notes that, as the sensational Noida double murder debate resumes on the big screen today, "those impacted by the case tell us why it is a must-watch." Here is but a few of them. Go to  the link for the rest:

Harold Levy: Publisher; The Charles Smith Blog;

Dinesh Talwar, Rajesh's brother: "Couldn't go through the records? Watch the film." The film tells all sides - be it the police's investigation, the CBI case, and even the accounts of the parents. It is based on hard facts and not hearsay. To the average individual who has followed this case, I would say - since you do not have the time and patience to go through the court records, watch this movie. 
Shree Paradkar, Aarushi's aunt:  "Watch it to realise how they could be any of us."  We feasted like vultures on the murders, the truth be damned. I want people to watch the film and realise how Rajesh and Nupur Talwar were just ordinary urban Indians - they could be any of us. I want people to see how easily they were manipulated by the narratives fed to them.
Fiza Jha, Aarushi's classmate."It's about developing a sense of questioning."
A debate after the film, as opposed to a value judgement, is important. It's really not about ascertaining what happened, or who the culprits are. It's about developing a sense of questioning of where we get our facts from, how to ensure accountability of systems like the police and CBI, if justice can ever be granted in this case, and how to create a society where this cannot recur.
Govan Mehta, Aarushi's senior:   

"We'll know the truth through this film. We walked from DPS Noida to her house and we also marched at Jantar Mantar then - we wanted the truth to come out. I have seen all this happening in front of my eyes. We were so angry with what had happened... years have passed but it has remained the same way. I am glad that Vishal Bhardwaj has decided to make a film on this issue because now we will know the truth, which has been hidden for so long, through this film. I am going to watch the movie today.                                                                                                                            

 Arushi's Vikas: Aarshi's  schoolmate;  "I just hope the movie gives people a reason to at least listen to uncle and aunty."
As her friend, I expect that she shouldn't be presented in a negative light just because there were some conjectures about her character by some CBI officer, which haven't even been proven. And thanks to the media, people now think that she was a 'characterless' girl. I am as clueless about what happened as anyone else, but that doesn't mean I draft theories in my own head and then defame someone who cannot even protect herself anymore.That's all I expect from the movie. Being a law student, I know the case has a lot of loopholes, but I can't believe that uncle and aunty (the Talwars), or in fact any parents, would do that to their only daughter. Also, I have seen them together; I know how they were. I just hope the movie gives people a reason to at least listen to uncle and aunty and their side of the story. The media does have a great impact - it forces people to think in one particular manner, and that's exactly what happened. I hope the movie goes into all these aspects.