Saturday, October 10, 2015

Bulletin: Karrissa Cox and Richard Carter: UK: (What a horrific, maddening story; Read it and weep; Parents take six weeks old baby to hospital after finding bleeding in mouth; Baby seized after doctors say they see "healing fractures" on x-rays; parents charged with abuse. Three unbearable years before parents are exonerated last Wednesday after defence experts discovered the child was suffering from a blood disorder called Von Willebrand II, which causes a person to bruise easily, as well as a vitamin D deficiency and infantile rickets. In the meantime - before the criminal proceedings are competed the authorities have given up the child to another family for adoption. And that means two innocent, loving parents, have likely lost their child forever thanks to the blunders and ignorance of the doctors - and the undue haste of the child welfare authorities. HL); "The couple's barrister, Michael Turner QC, of Garden Court Chambers, said: "These innocent parents have been spared a criminal conviction and a prison sentence for a crime they never committed. Their life sentence is that they are likely never to see their baby again." ... Emma Fenn, also of Garden Court Chambers, said: "This tragic case highlights the real dangers of the Government's drive to increase adoption and speed up family proceedings at all costs. "It also shows the perils of the continued inaction relating to a nationwide epidemic of vitamin D deficiency and rickets and the grave injustice that can result when relying on the opinions of medical professionals alone to conclude child abuse." The Telegraph.