Thursday, October 29, 2015

Forensics acoustics analysis; Opportunity to volunteer in an interesting research project tied to an interesting event in Canadian political history: The Saskatchewan robocall scandal; Link to further information provided. (Sounds neat; I'm signing up!) HL.

PUBLISHER'S NOTE: I have been approached by a researcher conducting "forensic voice comparison" at the University of Alberta - and have offered to draw the opportunity to the attention of our readers,'

The research specifically  relates to the Saskatchewan robocall scandal from a couple of year ago.

The project is looking for adult male speakers of western Canadian English (western excludes people who clearly have Newfoundland or Maritimes accents). They have to make 5 short telephone calls to the project's lab  - they can do this from their own home or office, everything is done via e-mail and telephone so they never have to come to the  lab. There is a $25 gift certificate for anyone who completes the task.

Just one significant requirement to point out: The Project is seeking  volunteers who can make the calls from a landline telephone (service provided by either the telephone company or cable company).

More details:

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