Monday, October 12, 2015

Bulletin: Significant development: Rajesh and Nupur Talwar: India: Aarushi's grandfather speaks out for the first time in seven years: The Quint publishes "A grandfather's plea in an open letter." It's headed: 'Want to die knowing the fight will continue:" Aarush's Grandfather.'

"Aarushi Talwar, it’s a household name for all the wrong reasons. The story of her parents Rajesh and Nupur Talwar is the same. We have heard the story several times from family, friends, the UP police and the CBI. The details have been discussed over and over again in the media too. Several stories, instances of character assassination and one conviction later, we now hear from one man from the family who has spoken out for the very first time. The story from Nupur’s father and Aarushi’s grandfather Capt BG Chitnis (Retd)‘s point of view was posted on the Facebook page Free The Talwars. Here it is. The entire letter - with its central message -  "I am not asking for anything wrong to be done. I am not asking anything more than what is legally due to them. Just as I have protected the country’s honour when I was in the Air Force, is it not their right for a free and fair trial, and restore their honour, or whatever is still left by now?" -  can be found at the following link: