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Bogus schools and universities; bogus degrees; bogus experts; gullible courts; Axactly! (Forgive me. I could not resist the pun! HL); Aftab Arif Siddiqui looks at, "The far-reaching inpact of Axact's misdeeds." (And in doing so, refers to Gene Morrision (UK) the subject of a series of posts run on tis site years ago. HL); The far-reaching impact of Axact’s misdeeds - The Express Tribune

STORY: "The far-reaching impact of Axact's misdeeds," by Aftab Arif Siddiqui,  pulished by The Express Tribune, on June 5, 2015. (The writer is founder of the online Facebook forum “Dialogue of the Civilisations” and is an independent analyst based in London.)

GIST: "The clues were in the name like a juicy riddle — hidden yet blatantly obvious. A business whose activities were immoral and illegitimate. Yet no one, including renowned investigative journalists who were guests of honour at many of the firm’s extravagant annual meets, picked up the clues. Let’s not forget they were among the few outsiders who enjoyed a personal rapport with Mr Shaikh and had unique access to his otherwise secretive business empire. Mr Shaikh used Axact’s platform to lecture his audiences on how the company would transform Pakistan. How Bol, the TV channel, will cause a social revolution. Now he stands arrested — accused of fraud and acquiring wealth by deception. Axact’s premises were stuffed with blank foreign degrees, bogus authentication certificates and other documentation, all now in the hands of the FIA as evidence in the investigation into this multimillion dollar global fraud.........The consequences of Axact’s crimes are far-reaching. Gene Morrison, a UK citizen, obtained a bogus degree from Rochville University and its associated concern Affordable Degrees — both fake establishments allegedly linked to Axact. Morrison hoodwinked the UK justice system by providing expert witness testimony as a highly-paid criminologist in over 700 cases and gave forensic reports. He was discovered and convicted of 20 charges of obtaining money and property by deception, perverting the course of justice and perjury in 2007. Unfortunately, the damage was done, his bogus degree and work giving him respectability in his community and during the course of his work he was provided access to vulnerable young girls whom he subsequently sexually assaulted. Once the deception was revealed, many of his child victims who had been afraid of complaining about him due to his social and professional status came forward to give evidence. He was jailed for an indefinite period for raping children as young as 10 and 11 years old. The girls who suffered physical and mental torture at his hands are scarred for life.........People might imagine that the criminal act of Axact of issuing bogus degrees is a victim-less crime. This is clearly not the case. Gene Morrison’s case is one among scores of similar cases and his victims are very real. There are many more victims of bogus degrees and their stories are yet to be told."

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See also arrest story: "The Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) has arrested 17 executives of the Axact Islamabad zone and registered a case against its CEO Shoaib Ahmed Shaikh, his wife Ayesha Shaikh, regional directors, mangers and operators over their involvement in issuing fake degrees, doing fraud and money laundering. According to the FIA, once the physical remand period of Shaoib Shaikh by the Karachi team is completed, the Islamabad FIA will arrest him and will request a physical remand in Islamabad case. The investigators said the accused represented fake local and international educational institutions and issued them fake degrees. They are also accused of money laundering."

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