Thursday, June 25, 2015

Bulletin: Sandra Higgins; UK; Shaken baby case; Mistrial; Significant development; Jury allowed by judge to reach a "majority" verdict" instead of a "unanimous" verdict - but still could not reach a verdict in this "childminder" case case in which, as reported previously by the Irish Times, "Central to the case put forward by the defence, Mr Gillane said, was the testimony of Dr Waney Squier - who questioned the diagnosis of shaken baby syndrome." Irish Times.

"The jury in the trial of a childminder charged with assaulting a 10-month-old baby has failed to reach a verdict. Judge Patricia Ryan has discharged them and thanked them for their service.The judge had earlier said she would accept a majority verdict of 11 to 1 or 10 to 2. The jury returned shortly after 12.30 pm having informed the judge through the jury minder that they wished to make a statement. When they returned, the foreman handed the judge a piece of paper with a message. The judge read: “Judge, we cannot reach a unanimous or a majority verdict and do not believe we will do so with any more time.” The judge asked the foreman to hand her the issue paper and said the registrar would fill in “disagree” on the paper and hand it to the foreman to sign......... She said she would appreciate if the jury members did not speak about the case as there might be a retrial. The case has been put in for mention next Thursday. The jury had deliberated for a total of five hours and 51 minutes. They deliberated for 63 minutes in total after the judge told them they were permitted to return a majority verdict."
PUBLISHER'S NOTE: It is noteworthy that the prosecutor attempted to attack  Dr.  Waney Squier as "a doctor without patients"...the ultimate back seat driver. The Daily Mail has reported that Dr.  Squier, a leading medical expert who has defended parents in shaken baby cases,  appeared as a prosecution expert witness against parents  in  child death cases "for decades"  before having a change of heart about 10 years ago as a result of convincing new research. Such hypocracy!
Harold Levy; Publisher. The Charles Smith Blog.