Friday, June 19, 2015

Bulletin: Rejean Hinse: (A terribly low moment in Canadian Forensic psychiatry; HL;) Supreme Court of Canada ruling; Government lawyer should have disassociated himself from testimony of Dr. Gilles Chamberland, the prosecution "psychiatric expert", who testified that "the effects of Mr. Hinse's incarceration had been 'beneficial' (a rather bizarre assessment of a wrongfully convicted man locked up in a Canadian penitentiary for years; Maybe we should all go to the pen for our betterment! HL;) - but Court rules "this on its own does not amount to an abuse of process."

Supreme Court ruling: June 19, 2015: "Like the Court of Appeal, however, we can see no abuse of process in the AGC’s (Attorney General Canada) conduct. It is true that the position taken by Dr. (Gilles) Chamberland, a psychiatric expert, that the effects of Mr. Hinse’s incarceration had been “beneficial” was unfortunate; the AGC should have disassociated himself from it. But this on its own does not amount to an abuse of process.  The entire decision can be found at:
PUBLISHER'S VIEW:  "Unfortunate?"
Harold Levy; Publisher; The Charles Smith Blog.