Friday, July 17, 2015

Bulletin; Kelli Jacobsen; Washington State; Second trial is under way for a former Richland nanny charged with the 2011 death of a toddler; Tri-City Herald;

"Opening statements are to begin July 20 in the second trial for a former Richland nanny charged with the 2011 death of a toddler. Kelli A. Jacobsen, 31, is charged in Benton County Superior Court with first-degree manslaughter. The charge includes aggravating circumstances that the victim was particularly vulnerable and incapable of resistance, and that his death had a destructive and foreseeable impact on others. Jacobsen’s first trial ended in May 2013 with the jury deadlocked after 19 hours of deliberations. Ryder Morrison died on the operating table a day after his first birthday. Doctors say the trauma could have happened minutes or up to 24 hours before he got to the hospital. Jacobsen was home with Ryder. His mother, Tawney Johnson, stopped home during her half-hour lunch break but was back at work when she got the call her son was going to Kadlec Regional Medical Center. The defense in the first trial tried to accuse Johnson, saying maybe she did something to Ryder while they were alone.........A 14-member jury, including two alternates, was seated Tuesday afternoon, then the court recessed until Monday."

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