Thursday, July 23, 2015

Kelli Jacobsen; Washington State; Retrial; Child abuse pediatrician Kenneth Feldman testifies in Richland nanny trial; keprtv;

"A Seattle pediatrician who specializes in child abuse indicated it's unlikely that the brain trauma to Ryder Morrison happened very long before he wound up in the emergency room. Dr. Kenneth Feldman took the stand for the prosecution Thursday. The defense plans to argue that someone other than nanny Kelli Jacobsen could have been responsible for Ryder's fatal brain injury. But the doctor says Ryder was behaving normally the morning he died, eating and interacting with his mother who then left him with Jacobsen. If the brain injury had happened earlier, Ryder would probably not have been lucid in the morning. ........The doctor also testified that before his death in June of 2011, one-year-old Ryder Morrison suffered multiple fractures that were already healed.  The child also had bruising on his arms, torso and face that were unusual for a child his age."