Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Bulletin; David Camm: Indiana; Defence offers new DNA evidence based called "touch DNA testing" - a technology developed after the murders; Camm's lawyer's claim this evidence clears their client's name. WLKY;

STORY: "New DNA evidence used in David Camm murder trial," published by WLKY on October 10, 2013. (Follow the link below for updates);

GIST: Jurors at the David Camm murder trial are hearing about new DNA evidence.  Camm's defense team says the evidence clears their client's name. Camm is on trial in Lebanon, Indiana, northwest of Indianapolis. He is accused of killing his wife and two children at their Georgetown home 13 years ago. The evidence could be crucial to Camm's defense. It's the first time a jury will hear it because of technological advances since the murders. Forensic scientist Richard Eikelenboom took the stand Tuesday morning. He owns "Independent Forensic Services,” which is a Netherlands based lab specializing in touch DNA testing. Touch DNA comes from skin cells that are shed, usually from a person's hands, often following rough or forceful contact."

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See also the related Courier-Journal story by reporter Grace Schneider:  "David Camm trial: Strong evidence Charles Boney touched Kim Camm's clothing, expert says.".........."A Dutch forensic expert testified Tuesday in David Camm’s murder trial that DNA testing shows strong evidence that Charles Boney touched Kim Camm’s sweater and panties. Richard Eikelenboom, a co-owner of Independent Forensic Services who lives in Colorado, said he tested mixtures of skin cells found on her clothes and other items from the scene. Eikelenboom also admits that “touch” or “contact” DNA from skin cells are prone to breaking down over time faster than blood, making it tougher to obtain a full DNA profile in older cases such as the Camm family murders, which happened Sept. 28, 2000. Instead, he sampled chromosomal sequences multiple ways, producing ranges of statistical probabilities of another person matching the same partial DNA profile. Some of the results he obtained were stronger than others, he said. DNA on Kim Camm’s shirt was the strongest match for Boney, he said, ranging from a 1 in 17,000 probability of its being from a Caucasian person to 1 in 23 million that it was from another random African American, he said. Eikelenboom said he has testified about touch DNA more than 60 times in the Netherlands and about five times in the U.S. He’s working on a doctoral degree at the University of Denver and plans to write a dissertation on touch DNA.".........Eikelenboom is key to defense arguments that Boney, who is serving a 225-year sentence for murder and conspiracy in the case, carried out the slayings on his own." Readers can update this story at the link below:



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