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David Camm: Indiana; Travis Kircher's interviews with Frank and Janice Renn (Parents of Kim Camm and grandparents of Brad and Jill Camm) and Sam Lockhart (David Camm's uncle and unwavering supporter); WDRB: (Must Read. HL);

POST: "Frank and Janice Renn: Q and A," by Travis K. Kircher, published by the David Camm Blog on October 21, 2013. Parents of Kim Camm and the grandparents of Brad and Jill Camm; (First of a series of interviews with some of the individuals involved in the proceedings);

GIST: "Frank and Janice kindly agreed to speak with us by phone over the weekend, and allowed us to post the audio of that conversation. The transcript is included below.  "Travis: The defense has brought up new evidence in this third trial. There was Charles Boney's testimony…it's the first time we've heard him testify in David Camm's trial. There was the "Touch DNA" evidence by Dr. Eikelenboom and IFS. And we heard from some experts who criticized the investigation, who weren't there in the second trial. Was there ever a moment where you heard this evidence and you thought, "Maybe we're wrong. Maybe he is innocent?" Frank: Well, that never did cross my mind. New evidence comes in, which is good. But, I just always have problems with that – I know it's new – Touch DNA. But how accurate is it? I understand it's only like 20 percent accurate anyway. I mean, how do you go back 13 years and find Touch DNA on something?"

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POST: "Sam Lockhart: Q and A,"  by Travis K. Kircher, published by the David Camm Blog on October 23 2103. (David Camm's uncle and unwavering supporter from the outset);

GIST: "Travis: And you're speaking of [Robert] Stites there? "Sam: That's right. When Stites was hired to come in, and Stan Faith reported him to be a world renowned blood stain pattern analyst and called him "Professor Stites" – which he was not – the detectives: Mickey Neal, Jim Biddle, Darrell Gibson, Sean Clemmons, all thought he was an expert. And when he told them there was high velocity impact spatter on Dave Camm's shirt, then they thought that was really high velocity impact spatter. Mickey Neal actually asked him, "Are you sure?" And he said he was 90 percent sure. Neal said, "Well that's not good enough," so he went and called Rod Englert, his boss, and described it over the phone. Englert then said, "You need to call it. Go ahead and make the call." So he did, and that's when they arrested him…of course the murders happened on Sept. 28, 2000, and Englert never looked at that shirt until Jan. 2001. So Dave Camm's arrest was based on a fraudulent probable cause affidavit from the very beginning. Once that arrest was made, the state now was committed – they were pot committed (I'm gonna use a term they use playing poker) – to keep Dave Camm as guilty. And they did everything they possibly could in order to get a guilty verdict – including some things that was illegal to bring into the trial, but the judge let it in. Of course…we got it reversed because they basically cheated."

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