Thursday, October 10, 2013

Bulletin; David Camm: Indiana; WDRB reports that the Camm defense plans to rest its case Friday. (He will not take the stand);

STORY: "Camm defence plans to rest its case Friday," published by WDBR on October 10, 2013.

GIST: "Sources have told WDRB News that David Camm's defense team plans to rest its case on Friday. Camm is accused of killing his wife, Kim, and their children, Brad and Jill, in the garage of their Georgetown home in September of 2000. He has been convicted twice, but both convictions were overturned. As in his previous two trials, Camm will not take the stand in his own defense.
Earlier, defense attorneys called a professor from Texas to testify during Thursday's proceedings.
Camm's attorneys argued that he became the primary suspect too quickly, which tainted the case, or so says his defense team's latest expert witness, Dr. Kim Rossmo.  According to Rossmo's testimony, because Camm was arrested three days after the murders, investigators could not fairly or objectively evaluate evidence. He told jurors that police had already made up their mind and were only looking for clues to support their opinion. Rossmo testified that he reviewed the case for 200 hours, examining prior court transcripts and recorded police interviews. The biggest investigative failure, the now infamous gray sweatshirt belonging to Charles Boney, was not tested for DNA until seven years after the murder. Rossmo says the second red flag was Rob Stites, the assistant to blood spatter expert Rod Englert. Stites was only supposed to take pictures of the crime scene but pointed police to what he called high velocity impact blood spatter on David Camm's T-shirt, which led to Camm's arrest.  It was later revealed Stites wasn't qualified to make that assessment."


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