Wednesday, October 16, 2013

David Camm; The Courier-Journal reports on rebuttal evidence called by the prosecution on Wednesday July 16, 2013 - including a blood-stain splatter analyst.

STORY: "David Camm murder case: Blood splatter expert  refutes testimony on shooter's location," by reporter Grace Schneider, published by the Courier-Journal on October, 2013. (Check out the link below for updates on today's story);

GIST: "The prosecution in David Camm’s third murder trial continued to call rebuttal witnesses Wednesday morning to address key parts of the defense case. Tom Bevel, a blood-stain pattern analyst from Oklahoma, refuted assertions by Eugene Liscio, a crime scene reconstructionist and animator, who had said it would be difficult or nearly impossible for David Camm to have gotten blood stains on the hem of his T-shirt from blood spatter during the shootings inside his wife’s Ford Bronco.........Defense lawyers Richard Kammen grilled Bevel about the lack of documentation used to re-enact the crimes. He asked how Bevel could hope to accurately reconstruct the way that Camm may have removed Brad’s 70-pound body from the Bronco — as shown in a video — when he used a 25-pound mannequin to simulate Brad’s lifeless body. Bevel acknowledged that a 45-pound difference in weight would make it difficult to accurately simulate the way a person would move and brace himself as he pulled the body from the back seat and out the side passenger door.........Jurors also heard direct testimony from Carl Sobieralski, the Indiana State Police’s top DNA analyst and the supervisor of the agency’s four labs. Sobieralski hammered at methods and results returned by Dutch “touch” DNA analyst Richard Eikelenboom, who said he found Charles Boney’s DNA on the waistband of Kim Camm’s underwear and on Jill Camm’s shirt. He said his review of Eikelenboom’s report and supporting scientific documentation showed that the firm, Independent Forensic Services, failed to perform several tests to ensure the accuracy and reliability of the DNA tests. Given that, it’s difficult to interpret the results and reach the conclusions IFS reached, Sobieralski said."

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