Tuesday, October 8, 2013

David Camm. Indiana; Treat time! Travis Kircher's excellent Blog focusses on the appearance of Dr. Richard Eikelenboom at the trial today and on his "Touch DNA." (Cross-examination of Dr. Eikelenboom continues tomorrow morning. HL);

POST: "David Camm Blog: "Dr. Richard Eikelenboom and his "Touch DNA," by Travis Kircher, published by WDRB on October 8, 2013. (Travis K. Kircher is a Web Producer for WDRB News. He can be reached at tkircher@wdrb.com.)

GIST: "It's a term that's new to the David Camm case. To my knowledge, it wasn't brought up in David Camm's first murder trial in New Albany in 2002, nor was it referenced in Boonville, Ind. during Camm's second trial in 2006. But now, in 2013, Camm's defense lawyers say new tests have uncovered new evidence based on so-called "touch DNA" -- and it's evidence they hope will clear their client and implicate someone else.........Today, the defense team hoped to prove that Charles Boney was lying, while casting doubt on David Camm's guilt at the same time. But Special Prosecutor Stan Levco already has his doubts about touch DNA evidence. On Aug. 1, shortly before the trial began, he went so far as to question its admissibility. "We feel like it is not reliable," he said, back then. "I don't know that it has ever been done before, the kind of thing that he's doing." Today, the jury heard the evidence for the first time. What followed was highly technical testimony, reports, DNA charts and hard-to-decipher statistics. I am going to be the first to admit to you that this testimony is very, very, very, VERY difficult to distill into words. That's not a statement for or against the witness, it's simply an acknowledgement of the limitations of this blog as an analytical treatise, rather than a simple narrative. And as someone who once thought "thermodynamics" was a sporting event in the Winter Olympics, it's also an indictment of my own scientific knowledge. I'm jesting there, of course. But not by much. Here is my attempt to explain what the jury heard today -- things that are much bigger than me."
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