Wednesday, October 16, 2013

David Camm: Trial; Travis Kircher summarizes Tuesday's testimony (October 15, 2013) in one word: 'Fireworks." (Intensive cross-examination of prosecution rebuttal DNA expert. HL);

POST: "David Camm Blog," by Travis K. Kircher, published by WDBR on October 15, 2013, under the heading "Fireworks." (Travis K. Kircher is a Web Producer with WDRB News.)

 GIST:  "You wrote a book, did you not?" Kammen asked a short time later. "I wrote several books," Rudin said. But the book Kammen was referring to was "Principles and Practice of Criminalistics: The Profession of Forensic Science (Protocols in Forensic Science.)" He referenced a quote from the book that read as follows: "Nevertheless, a lack of validation on some level does not, a priori, invalidate a particular analysis." Kammen offered the quote as proof that Rudin's low opinion of IFS's validation techniques did not detract from the results of their DNA analysis. "You read the sentence correctly," Rudin replied. "It's completely out of context...if I were to read the rest of the paragraph, you would understand why." "I'm sure you'll have that opportunity," Kammen said. He then addressed Levco's assertion that the amount of DNA deposited on an object lends insight into how the DNA got there. Kammen proposed that if his DNA was on a cup, it was reasonable to assume that he touched the cup. "That would be one influence," Rudin said. "That would not be the only influence." Kammen said that if there was a strong DNA profile on the cup, then it was even more likely that he touched the cup. "No," Rudin replied, proposing that there "is no connection" between the strength of the profile and the likelihood that he touched it. "So the DNA fairy put my DNA on the cup?" Kammen mocked. "Another word for DNA fairy is secondary transfer, or tertiary transfer," Rudin said.........At the end of the day, Levco told Judge Dartt that he expects to wrap up his rebuttal witnesses tomorrow (Wednesday).  We're told both sides expect to present closing arguments on Monday, Oct. 21. The jury is expected to begin deliberations the next day, on Oct. 22. There are conflicting reports on whether there will be court on Thursday and Friday of this week, should Levco wrap up his rebuttal witnesses tomorrow. This blog will be regularly updated up until the moment a verdict is delivered."


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