Tuesday, October 1, 2013

David Camm; Trial. Tuesday October 1, 2013; Inmate called by defence testifies that Jeremy Bullock (the inmate who claimed Camm confessed to him while getting a tattoo) told him he hated cops and planned to do anything he could to get out of prison by providing incriminating testimony against Camm;

STORY: "David  Camm trial: Inmate testifies another inmate lied to get out of prison," by reporter Grace Schneider, published by the Courier-Journal on October 1, 2013; (Keep an eye on the link below for updates on this story;)

GIST:  "An inmate convicted of murder and robbery testified Tuesday morning in David Camm’s murder trial that a former prison tattoo artist told him of plans to lie about Camm to get out of jail earlier. Michael West, who is serving life without parole at the New Castle Correctional Facility, said he was at the Indiana State Prison in Michigan City a decade ago when Jeremy Bullock told him he hated cops and planned to do anything he could to get out of prison by providing incriminated testimony against Camm in his second murder trial in 2006. The defense testimony was aimed at undercutting Bullock, who testified last month for the prosecution. Bullock had said that Camm, while getting a tattoo, confessed to murdering his wife and two children and had told of fighting with his wife before the killings.........Most of Tuesday is expected to feature a demonstration by Canadian engineer and crime-scene reconstructionist Eugenio Liscio, who used three-dimensional laser imaging and measurements and autopsies to assemble a scenario of what happened during the shootings. For instance, Liscio told jurors before the lunch break that he believed Kim Camm was shot from a range of about two feet, based on the 5-degree downward angle of the bullet that traveled through her skull and lodged between the windshield and the dashboard of the Ford Bronco near where she’d died.  Kim’s position on the ground was actually a very logical position” for her to have been shot and fallen, Liscio said. The testimony contradicts prosecution witness Rod Englert, an Oregon-based crime scene reconstructionist, who said that Kim Camm’s body appeared to have been moved and that the scene appeared to have been posed and staged. Englert had pointed to blood spatter beneath part of the woman’s body that he believed had hit the floor before she was placed over that area. Jurors also heard from Mark Sturgill, senior IT manager at Sonitrol, an alarm company in Lexington, Ky., that provided equipment and alarm monitoring to the Georgetown Community Church where Camm played basketball. Sonitrol’s alarm, along with motion sensors and other devices at the church, were disabled by Camm’s uncle Leland Lockhart at 6:59 p.m. on the night of the murders and re-set at 9:22 p.m. as the last person left the church building, Sturgill said. Sturgill testified that the alarm company changed the time stamp on the equipment, putting the time about a minute later, so that 8:08 p.m. became 8:09 p.m. He said the company had to make adjustments periodically to the time stamps that affected all alarm systems operated by the company to adhere as closely as possible to the Lexington Police Department. The time on the church alarm is significant because it marks the start and the end of the basketball games which Camm played on the night of the murders. A prosecution witness earlier had testified that investigators had established there was a larger discrepancy of about four minutes between the actual time and the time Sonitrol had in its records from that night."

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See " also News and Tribune"/WAVE 3 News story: "Camm's 3D defence may hinge on questions of colour:"Images inficate Camm's wife's body not moved after murder. " "Liscio’s reconstruction incorporated crime scene photographs and measurements as overlays to the panoramic images his “Faro Focus 3D” laser scanner created. His findings conflict with conclusions that prosecutors’ specialists have drawn concerning the killings of Camm’s 5-year-old daughter Jill and 7-year-old son Bradley."



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