Friday, October 4, 2013

David Camm: Courier-Journal reports that Michael McDaniel, a lawyer in David Camm's first murder trial, said, in the absense of the jury, that former prosecutor Stan Faith lied to him about Charles Boney's T-shirt - and the paper also reports that Faith denied the allegation when contacted by phone.

STORY: "Lawyer in David Camm's first murder trial says ex-prosecutor lied about Charles Boney's sweatshirt," by reporter Grace Schneider, published by the Courier-Journal on Friday October 4, 2013.  (Connect with the link below for possible further reports on today's testimony);

GIST: "The lawyer who represented David Camm in his first trial alleged Friday morning that former Floyd County Prosecutor Stan Faith lied to him when he asked whether anyone was identified through DNA as the owner of a gray sweatshirt found at the murder scene. Michael McDaniel, speaking on the stand without the jury present for Camm’s third trial, said Faith also told him erroneously that there was no database of prison nicknames to help identify the sweatshirt’s owner. McDaniel said he later learned there was such a database. He recalled that when he asked Faith if DNA found inside the prison-issued sweatshirt’s collar had turned up any “identifiers” for inmates or other offenders, Faith told him no matches had turned up. McDaniel said he later found there had been a positive identification, but the information was not shared with him. The sweatshirt belonged to Charles Boney, 44, who was convicted of murder and conspiracy in the slayings in 2006 and is serving a 225-year sentence. His prison nickname, “Backbone,” was written on the shirt. When reached by phone Friday afternoon, Faith denied McDaniel’s allegations. “Mr. McDaniel’s statement is inaccurate, unfounded and unwarranted. And he knows it,” Faith said.........McDaniel was called by Camm’s defense team to testify to the allegations involving Faith. The defense has asserted repeatedly during the current trial that Faith focused on Camm as the killer and purposely hid evidence that could have exonerated Camm.
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