Friday, October 11, 2013

David Camm; Indiana; Trial. Friday October 11, 2013; WDBR reports that Camm's lawyers are continuing "to pound at" the prosecution case. (Followed by update on the story under the heading "The defence rests.")

STORY: "Camm defence continues to pound at prosecution case," published by WDRB on October 11, 2013. (Check  the link below for updates of this story);

 GIST: "David Camm's defense lawyers believe they've poked enough holes in prosecutors' theory that David Camm and Charles Boney worked together to kill Camm's family in September 2000 to convince the jury to set their client free. Friday morning a police officer from New Mexico with 24 years experience became the latest expert to make that case. Damon Fay says investigators fed Charles Boney answers to implicate Camm during their police interviews. But prosecutor Stan Levco got Fay to admit he's never testified as an outside interrogation expert on a criminal case before, and he was only hired after members of the defense team saw him speak at a conference. Fay would later say he would never be part of a plan to cut a killer loose, and he did not believe Camm was guilty. WDRB's Gilbert Corsey asked Levco outside court, "Was there any testimony that you considered concerning from the experts?"  Levco replied, "Everything concerns me.  You just don't know what you are are going to find important or not so everything concerns me." It comes as the defense tries to paint a picture of a dangerously flawed investigation and new DNA evidence to secure reasonable doubt."

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(Updated story): The defence rests: "Later, Karen Ancil, one of Boney's former sex partners, spoke to the lies Boney allegedly told her when he came to visit her in Indianapolis two days after the murder of Camm's family. Calling Boney a teddy bear back in 2000, Ancil says he acted as if everything was fine. Camm's sister, Julie Blankenbaker, testified to Camm's demeanor, saying he appeared empty, lost, and broken following the murders. It's in contrast to prosecution witnesses who testified Camm joked at times during interrogations. Finally, Carl Colvin, important in Boney's murder case, told the jury again how he witnessed Boney say "I've got three bodies on my conscience, one more is not going to matter," during an argument with his wife more than two years after the Camm family died. It comes as the defense tries to paint a picture of a dangerously flawed investigation and new DNA evidence to secure reasonable doubt. Charles Boney has already been convicted of killing Kim, Brad, and Jill Camm, but David Camm's prior two convictions were overturned."


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