Monday, October 7, 2013

David Bain: New Zealand; His lawyer claims that police-conducted fingerprint and firearm retests which the police say point to his guilt actually support his innocence; TV New Zealand;

STORY: "Report proves innocence: Bain lawyer," by reporters Elise Scott and Dave Williams, published by NZ Newswire on October 7, 2013.

GIST:  "Scientific tests which police claim disprove the theory that Robin Bain, not his son David, was the killer of five family members, actually support his innocence, David Bain's lawyer says. Police retested the fingerprints and the firearm involved in the infamous 1994 Dunedin killings, after a photograph surfaced showing dark marks on Robin Bain's fingers. David Bain's supporters say the two marks in the police photo are gunpowder residue from reloading the rifle magazine and are proof he was the killer. His lawyers brought in scientific photographer Peter Durrant who said the marks were "quite consistent" with someone loading bullets into the gun. The claims were aired on TV3's 3rd Degree programme in June. On Monday, police released the results of their own fingerprint and firearms tests, saying the reports "debunk 3rd Degree "game-changer evidence" claim." "The most likely explanation for the marks on the photographs would seem to be pre-existing damage or injury to the skin on Robin Bain's thumb," Assistant Commissioner Malcolm Burgess said. The police report on the testing of the firearm said while the pair of lines on Robin Bain's thumb could have resulted from loading a cartridge into a magazine, there was "considerable doubt" about that. But Mr Bain's lawyer Michael Reed QC says the report supports the theory that Robin Bain was the killer. "The police are entirely wrong, they have misinterpreted their own results - which in fact if you ask the right questions prove exactly what we have been saying," Mr Reed told NZ Newswire. "It is too much of a coincidence that the marks on the thumb match exactly the dimensions of the magazine. "It is absolutely beyond any doubt that they are the gunpowder marks and that means that Robin Bain handled the gun, which completely destroys the police case.""

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