Thursday, October 17, 2013

David Camm: Travis Kircher presents "Final witnesses" - his personal account of the last day of testimony in David Camm's third trial - leading up to Barie Goetz (the final witness) - the only rebuttal witness called by the defence. Goetz testified about a second "demonstration" he had conducted in a bid to recreate the microscopic dots on David Camm's shirt.

STORY: "The David Camm Blog: Travis  Kircher presents "Final witnesses" - his personal account of the last day of testimony in David Camm's third trial - published on October 16, 2013.  (Travis K. Kircher is a Web Producer for WDRB News.)

GIST: "David Camm's defense team called only one rebuttal witness. Independent forensic consultant Barie Goetz has testified previously in the trial, in which he attempted to recreate the microscopic dots on David Camm's shirt using the bloody hair of a doll, to refute the prosecution's claim that those dots were actually high-velocity impact spatter caused by blowout from a gunshot. Previously, he did the demonstration with a 100 percent cotton t-shirt. Today, he told the jury he'd completed another demonstration using a t-shirt with a 50/50 cotton/polyester blend identical to the blend found in Camm's t-shirt. He played a video of the demonstration for the jury. "This video was taken yesterday," he said. "I'm wearing a 50/50 cotton/polyester t-shirt." "The goal was to see if you got blood on your shirt, what it would look like?" Kammen asked. "Correct," he said. In the video, Goetz could be seen wearing a t-shirt and leaning into the doll, which was lying on a table. "Every time I did this, I did get a blood transfer," he said. "These stains are less than half the size of a millimeter. They're very small." "Some of the stains in Area 30 [of David Camm's t-shirt] are very similar to that type of stain," he added. Kammen wanted to know if he brought the t-shirts with him to court today. "Yes, they're in a car in the parking lot," he said. But Levco was critical of the experiment. "I didn't notice anything that would replicate the back seat of the Bronco," he said, adding later that, "it looked like your motion was pretty similar to a push up." A short time later, Goetz was excused. He was the final witness of the David Camm trial. The time was 3:38."

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