Thursday, October 10, 2013

David Camm: Indiana; Trial; Wednesday 9 October, 2013. Travis Kircher gives his comprehensive take on the day's testimony including the second witness called by the defence - a private investigator (former FBI agent) named Gary Dunn who checked telephone records for conversations between David Camm and Charles Boney (and didn't find any).

STORY: "David Camm Blog: "Numbers on Charles Boney's phone," by Travis Kircher, published by WDBR on October 9, 2013. (Travis K. Kircher is a Web Producer for WDRB.)

 GIST:  "Near the end of the day, Gary Dunn took the stand for Camm's defense. Dunn, a private investigator for David Camm's defense team, explained to the jury in his trademark mustache that he had been a special agent for the FBI for 27 years, before leaving to become a private investigator. During his time at the FBI, he said he investigated cases of political corruption in Chicago, white collar crime, fraud, bank robberies, kidnappings and all sorts of violent crimes.  He said he left the FBI in 2003.....Under questioning from Meyer, Dunn admitted that the Floyd County Prosecutor's Office required Boney to phone in regularly once his DNA link to the grey sweatshirt was identified, and that might account for the phone calls listed in the phone records. "He did what he was told, right?" Meyer asked. "Well, he called in," Dunn said. Meyer noted that there were pre-paid cell phones in 2005, and no cell phone records are kept for pre-paid phones, inferring that Boney could have used that as a means of communication with David Camm. But Kammen was indignant. "There is absolutely no evidence of any contact?" he asked Dunn. Dunn replied that there was not. A short time later, court was adjourned for the day."

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