Wednesday, October 2, 2013

David Camm trial: Wednesday 3 October, 2013; Defence blood splatter expert says he found no inconsistencies between statements Camm made to investigators and the physical evidence found at the murder scene. Courier-Journal;

STORY; "Blood stains on David Camm's T-shirt caused by contact, defence expert says," by reporter Grace Schneider, published by the Courier-Journal on October 2, 2013. (Keep an eye on the link below for updates on today's testimony);

GIST: " Blood spatter expert Bart Epstein, testifying for the defense Wednesday morning in David Camm’s murder trial, said that he found no inconsistencies between statements Camm made to investigators and the physical evidence found at the murder scene. For instance, Epstein said that controversial blood stains found on the bottom of Camm’s T-shirt were deposited by contact, not blood spatter from his daughter being shot. “They were deposited by contact to a blood source,” probably Jill Camm’s hair, said Epstein, a Minnesota-based consultant who was first contacted in October 2001 — before Camm’s first trial — to examine evidence from the crime scene. Prosecution witnesses have opined that the stains were caused by high-velocity gunshot spatter after 5-year-old Jill Camm was shot in the family’s Ford Bronco in the garage of their Georgetown home.........Epstein, who traveled to Indiana with partner Terry Laber to perform experiments in the fall of 2001, said the stains of Jill’s blood were characteristic of being caused by contact. He said they appear to be brushed across the top surface of the fabric fibers.“We both thought very quickly that these were stains on the surface,” Epstein said of their examination.".........Epstein is expected to be on the stand during the afternoon while the prosecution cross examines him. Before the jury was brought into the room to start the day, lawyers argued over what questions the prosecution could ask Epstein about past statements made by Laber. Special Judge Jonathan Dartt is expected to rule on the defense motion before Camm lawyer Stacy Uliana completes her direct questioning of Epstein. The prosecution also is expected to spend time Wednesday afternoon cross-examining Epstein about his conclusions.  Camm is being tried for a third time in the murders of his family after two earlier convictions were overturned. The proceedings are being tried in Lebanon, 35 miles northwest of Indianapolis, in an effort to ensure a jury is untainted by media coverage of the high-profile case.
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