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Shane Truman Todd: The full video; Death in Singapore: An autopsy under fire; Was his death suicide or murder? "Spies, lies and secrets." See the entire report along with related Web features at the link provided in this post;

STORY: "Spies,  lies and secrets," the  48 Hours report  by Peter Van Sant which was  broadcast on October 5, 2013 and is now available on the CBS site along with several fascinating  Web features

GIST: The documentary asks whether Shane Todd's death was suicide or murder  as it portrays a mother's  extraordinary battle to prove her son died an American hero while protecting American secrets.

The entire documentary can be found at: 

See the official family website: "What the parents of Shane Todd did not know was that every shred of evidence they sent to the Singapore police was used against them in Singapore at the court hearing Inquiry into the cause of Dr. Todd’s death. The State engaged five of it’s top lawyers and IME hired five top lawyers to prove that Dr. Todd committed suicide. The family was told it would be an open, non-adversarial, fact finding trial, with everyone on the same side. This could not have been farther from the truth. The truth was that the only thing these ten lawyers were there to prove was suicide.  The Inquiry included a massive course of cover-up burying the inadequacies of the investigation and further suppressed the truth at every turn. The Coroner ruled “suicide” on July 8, 2013. The following is a quote from Michael Dee an American who lives in Singapore wrote a 10,000 word analysis of the Coroner’s ruling. “Following the July 8th release of the Coroner’s Findings [1] on Shane Todd’s death the Straits Times[1] ran an editorial on July 17th (“Recognizing the Truth in the Shane Todd Case”). It expressed the view that the Coroner’s Report puts to rest the controversy over Shane Todd’s death and criticizes the family for not accepting this report and continuing to pursue the truth as to the death of their son. However, a reading of this report raises more questions and highlights more issues and anomalies than it answers.”

See the Wikipedia account: "The Todd family's suspicions of foul play stemmed from various pieces of circumstantial evidence. For instance, they alleged that police had failed to properly investigate the scene of the crime, that the police neglected to dust for fingerprints, that the suicide notes ostensibly left by Dr Todd were out of character, that the crime scene did not match the description given by authorities, and that a pathologist in the United States found that his body showed evidence of a struggle, rather than a suicide.[2]" 


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