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David Camm: Aftermath 5: (Indiana); His lawyer's see the not guilty verdicts as "nothing more than a complete vindication" - and ask why prosecutors did not heed warnings that they were going down the wrong track. The Lebanon Reporter.

STORY: "Verdict is vindication, Camm lawyer declares," by reporter Jerod Clapp, published by the Lebanon Reporter on October 25, 2013.

GIST: David Camm  today is free for the first time in 13 years of allegations he killed his family, and that, said his lawyers should be seen as more than a not guilty verdict. "This needs to be seen as a vindication of David," co-defence counsel Richard Kamen said.  A jury took about ten hours to decide that Camm was not guilty of shooting his wife, Kim,  and their children, Bradley and Jill, in their Georgetown, Ind., home in September 2000. The brief deliberation "is nothing more than complete vindication of David Kamm," Kammen said. "I hope that the viewers, especially the people in South Indiana, really understand that, this man has been innocent and has been wrongly accused for thirteen years.".........This is a vindication of our appellate court and our supreme court for doing the right thing," defence counsel Stacy Uliana said. Camm's forst words to his lawyers were "thank you," Kammen said. "He said 'thank you' to the jury "Uliana said, "because they had a lot of courage; it takes a lot of courage to stand up to the state of Indiana  and thirteen years." It should have been obvious to the prosecution that they were chasing a phantom suspect, Kammen said, but instead investigators wasted their time focusing on Camm. "Charles Bonay committed these murders," Kammen said. "Had he been discovered prior to (Camm's) first trial. Let's be honest, if they interrogate (Bonay) as a suspect, the odds are you'd have seen the state of Indiana versus Charles Bonay in 2002, rather than in 2005.".........Camm should not be blamed for his staggering court costs, Uliana said. "I know it's  cost the taxpayers of Floyd County a lot of money, but it's simply because those in charge couldn't admit they made a mistake." "They need to look at the prosecutors and those who've been in charge, and who have continually gone down the wrong path, when people have told them over and over again,  "you're going in the wrong direction."

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What was the difference between this and the two other trials, the father and sister were asked.

“It was a courtroom where only truth could be shared with the jury,” Blankenbaker sai
Lockhart took in the number of TV cameras, microphones and voice recorders thrust at him.

“I’ve had this dream before,” he said. “I hope you guys are real.”

• Jerod Clapp and Matt Koesters of the News and Tribune contributed to this story.
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